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ATT U-verse Comments

Dannysialina says: (3 years ago)
Was promised promotion of $105 per month plus tax after 4 months my bills are $135 per month so called customer service saied that there is no promotion for the $105 and its best they can do is $135.
These people once you sign with them they get you and if you want to cancel that you pay $180 penalty so I received a $10 HD discount to bring my bill down stll higher than I was promised.

When my one years up I'm done im getting the Internet services $200 year

I hate AT&T so much that I might just pay the $180 penalty and screw them for life I don't ever want to deal with this people.

sbada53 says: (3 years ago)
This isnt a complaint just a question! How come U verse doesnt put on movie marathons, such as Alfred Hitchkocks movies or the Sopranos(on another ch. Besides HBO)...Some of these movies are from the 70s..think your audience would much watch some classic movies!! Thanks...

liketono says: (3 years ago)
I have been a Att customer for over 20 years. I have been trying to get Att uverse for some time now. What I don't understand is I have uverse internet & home phone. They tell me that we live to close to the hub. I have DIRECTV currently, but I would love to have uverse tv. who do I complaint to in order to get this service. I live in Pensacola, FL.

janhrn1 says: (4 years ago)

rhilton868 says: (4 years ago)
Signed up with ATT uverse 4 months ago.Always reboting boxes. Signed up at Chesterfield office on 23 mile road. Manager made promises and told lies never followed through on any. The on demand sucks. Television stops all the time. PC speed is bad and not what was promised. Customer service is worse then Comcast. I did not think that was even possible,but I was wrong.

rebaskaggs says: (5 years ago)
I am sick of the commercials with the kids. I mute it every time it comes on. I was thinking about getting at&t service but the commercial keeps me from it. Try some one different. Thank you for your time.

laranlin says: (5 years ago)
The new change to the on demand is awful. It is not user friendly. On my large tv I can
read the boxes. On a smaller tv I cannot. The change to the games was very upsetting. I played the JT blocks. That has been deleted on the new game channel which you now need to pay for.
I'm in process of checking other carriers to change.

Who ever designed this did a BAD job,' You will lose lots of customers.

billyb says: (5 years ago)
I think cancelling the free games just to get customers to subscribe to the pay to play games was a very selfish act showing no respect to those who are elderly and on fixed incomes who can barely afford basic service. AT&T is definitely not user friendly.

areyouscared says: (5 years ago)
will I can see from the commetts of the other customers I made a big error in using attuverse I will contact the A G of lousiana if nothing can be resovied. thank you very much. sam horner

FUATT says: (5 years ago)
we were billed 240$ for a 240 bill - we were billed another 280$ at the end of the same month, throwing me in overdraft at the bank, now i can't pay my property tax, or buy food. They charged us a 'one time' installation fee last bill , now being charged 118.54 on top of our 140$ a month, in a 'one time' account charges.

Archi says: (6 years ago)
I want my TV to stay on all day to discourage thieves, but at some point during the day the Uverse controller go to blue screen with a prompt to hit OK. How can I keep my TV on a channel ALL DAY?

1s1deast says: (6 years ago)
music skips so often especially on utube

popeyeauto says: (6 years ago)

davewong1 says: (6 years ago)
To all internet users.
I was offered by ATT uverse seller and said that Uverse has very fast internet service with dial tone.After i sign up with uverse. My internet and home phone has all kinds of problem.I am very disappoint with ATT uverse service.
I keep losing my internet signal. special from 12 am -6 am every night. when the internet speed getting slow, it will causing my home phone with no more dial tone. and causing my home alarm go off since from Feburary untill today.
Evertime i can in, they said they send a tech out to solve my problem. But each tech said different kind of error.
The problem still there in the midnight.
I think they don't know what they are doing after i replaced 4 times uverse modems.
Now i must give up my dial tone go back to analog phone.
I hope all internet users need to spend yime to shop arround before sign up Uverse. I am not very happy with uverse any more.and they do not pay anything for i do not have enough sleep for last 6 months....because the alarm went off...

cakes777 says: (6 years ago)
I never knew a company could use thier customers as bad and then have the nerve to ask if there was anything else they can help me with before hanging up. You give me back my $480.00 that was not suppose to be taken out of my account for the 3 modems that did not work and 4 techs that can out. I missed 2 days work and 8 phone calls averaging 45 to 65 minutes each time. I'm so pissed off at the fact that I just paid bills and they erroniosly took the money out and I have to wait 3 to 5 buisness days for it to get back in my acct...I've had it and any chance to drag thier name in the mud, I will do it at all cost, thinking of a billboard on the highway. They can't dispute it as it's the truth and on paper...FED UP

Monkey2345 says: (6 years ago)
It's unfortunate that AT&T does not care about pleasing their customers. In times like these every one in business should be making sure they don't
Loose market share. U-Verse was a bad business move for AT&T because they can't seem to deliver what they are promising, I mean I can't do anything online without worrying that the service will disconnect. What a shame.

Monkey2345 says: (6 years ago)
It's unfortunate that AT&T does not care about pleasing their customers. In times like these every one in business should be making sure they don't
Loose market share. U-Verse was a bad business move for AT&T because they can't seem to deliver what they are promising, I mean I can't do anything online without worrying that the service will disconnect. What a shame.

JoeandRosie says: (6 years ago)
ATT: You guys STINK. Terrible Service and Technicians that never show up or call. Thank GOD for Utility Monopolies!

amoangela says: (7 years ago)
Everyone at uverse BETTER GET The Hallmark Channel and The Hallmark Movie Channel back or ELSE WE ARE CANCELLING OUR SERVICE and that's a PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT TOO!!!!!~ It's appalling that I cannot ever talk to anyone up high at uverse. That they won't honor a request from a customer and they have to have it there way!!!!! Get it back or I am cancelling now!!!!! Do you hear!!!!!!!????????
very very mad!!!!!

NorCal says: (8 years ago)
Really??!!...It sounds like horror stories when you describe your experience with UVERSE...I have nothing but the BEST experience with At&t's UVERSE ever!!! I mean I love it! The Techs were most supportive they gave my numbers that i could contact them directly,showed me how to use the product until I was comfortable,very knowledged in every question I had,The sales person who came to my door was on point about every detail that comes with U_Verse..figured what we would save and what bundle was best for my family..And the savings was huge!! much more to offer that any company out there HANDS DOWN!! To sum it up..Go for the UVerse challenge..They are giving you free install,savings off for one year,prices that beat what youre currently paying now and giving you more for the money!If you have HD and are looking for a Cheaper way to truly enjoy your digital in its truest form GO UVERSE!!

cheapequiptment says: (8 years ago)
rebate was postponed because of service upgrade need to wait an additional 30 days also a tech was sent out to replace the dvr receiver but he only reset it, now a new order for a tech tomorrow to do what the tech should have done today. Also all of our recorded shows were erased and we were told the box was defective.

Shamrock says: (9 years ago)
This has to be the worst service on earth. Anyone with more than 1 HDTV in your house stay away. I would record 2 HD shows on the DVR and no one else in the entire house could watch anything in HD at all!!!! I have 4 HDTVS in my house which my wife and kids watch at the same time. Also they don't tell you but when watching multiple TV's the internet starts to crawl to dial up speeds.

Seriously Comcast may be more expensive, but their service so much better. I went back after less than 30 days. I've learned the hard way "you get what you pay for" it's cheaper because it's crap service. People who want a BMW don't go out and buy a Ford Escort and then think it's going to be the same.

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