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ATT U-verse Reviews

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  • Your telephone menus, your complaint site

    Your telephone menus suck. I'll be glad to redesign them for you for free. Your complaint site sucks. Please note the repeated use of suck/sucks. I'll redesign it for you for free. In both cases I will guarantee you a minimum of 40% reduction in complaints on both issues. Try me if you dare. But you won't. Because you, like most businesses in this country don't give a shit. You deal with the masses. All you care about is the money, and it would cost you too much to make my proposed changes. How do the execs of the company sleep at night? Apparently they have no... More...
  • terrible customer service

    I really hate at&t now!!!!! I recently moved in to a new place and i was forced to get a contract with at&t because they are the only service providers available. I am a gamer and i can tell you one thing, at&t is not gamer friendly or people friendly. i contacted customer service today to let them know that i was having problems with the nat type being set to moderate instead to open, i was then told that the problem was not at&t and that the problem was my xbox. i tried to get help but instead they kept me on hold for 30 minutes for no help at all. they then old me that... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Sent to Collections

    I cancelled my U-Verse account within 30 days of ordering and attempted to get credit for the money back guarantee that I was promised when I ordered the service. I called Customer Service, emailed "Customer Care" and wrote a letter when I sent in my payment for the amount I thought I owed per the fine print of the agreement. I received a bill yesterday that finally had some credits, however my payment was not reflected even though my bank shows it was cashed within the billing cycle. I also received a letter from a collection agency for the remaining balance, of which I have paid... More...
  • cut service & flood victim

    Since eatablishing service in September 2012 I have had nothing but charges that seem to never go down no matter how many times I pay them. I have requested a itemized bill for what thier charges are and have never recieved one. Then without warning they cut my service and never mailed me anything regarding why or that they even were going to do this. My father had a quadruple bypass 2 dayss before i was cut off and because of this i have not been able to email family or friends with updates on his condition! I have relatives that live out of state and i cannot afford to to make so... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • customer service

    I have called, written and emailed ATT Uverse to straighten out my bill. I have 2 separate accounts (one for internet for my son who lives at a different address and another one is bundled for TV, internet, phone and cells. Of course the bundled account is usually over $350 and the internet is always $45.41 every month. Back in May (3 billing periods ago) your wonderful accounting screwed up - they credited the account which is always $45.41 with a check for over $350 and the account which fluctuates every month over $350 with the $45.41 check and after trying to contact by phone, email... More...
  • Atlanta Braves & LYING ABOUT MY BILL

    I was told by the AT&T Rep that I would get EVERY Atlanta Braves game, and I had DirecTV, which I enjoyed just fine, but they get here, take FOREVER TO install the system, then I'm being billed as if the service worked perfectly.. I get three streams of HD, which I was told I would be able to record 3 shows and watch TV on each TV, turns out I can watch TV on 2 TV's and record 1 program in HD. It's a complete scam and I'm going back to DirecTV esp. since I was lied to about the Braves. I'm absolutely livid about the fact that they lied to me about being able... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • No Atlanta braves on ATT u-verse

    Where are the Atlanta braves????Your rep said I would get all their games when convinced to switch from Comcast. I would think you would broadcast games of interest to the region. If I can't watch my Atlanta Braves I think I'll make the switch back to Comcast. A whole lot of channels makes no difference if it's a bunch of crap you don't want to watch. Step it up ATT and take notice of all the complaints you are getting about this very topic!!! Charleston,SC More...
    (Cable TV)
  • service

    I have had issues with my internet and cable service for the past month. they came to see the wires as when i called the tech said there was an issue in my neighborhood. this did not fix the issue completely. both services go out periodically. an appointment was made for this saturday window of 12-4 pm. checked the website throughout the day to see if tech was on time. all was good. it was after 4 and i called the 800 number like the website instructed. i was informed they called me at 3.37 pm. unfortunately when the service call was placed the operator did not remove the old phone number... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • rude csr sybel

    oday is Jan 27. I waited on hold for several hours. This person named Sybel took my call, kept interupting me and then when I got frustrated with her lack of common sense and attitude I started to get angry. I was on hold for a long long time, she refused to give me her CSR number and then hung up on me. I still did not get my questions answered. All I wanted to do was upgrade to the u400 package. Now I am going to cancel my total bundle that I had hooked up 3 days ago. ATT loses 6 tv's, cell phones, home phone and internet. I am also going to tell as many people as I can about sybel... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • ATT U-verse Installation

    I had emailed back and forth with ATT to see if U-Verse was available in my area. I finaly was told that it was, I called and set up U-verse, Internet and my home phone that is already with ATT. We do not have much time off and they were ablle to make an appointment for the installation. The man came and was here for a long while. He then told me that he had called in and found out that the pole was too far away from the house but that I would be getting a call and engineers would come out to put up something on the house. I waited a couple days and no call. I called today and when I got a... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • broken TV

    I went to an AT&T store to purchase my son an I-phone for xmas. While I was there I was talked into getting U-verse. HUGE mistake!!! Installation date was 12-12-12 first tech showed up saw the job and decided it was too much for him and left. 2 days later another tech showed up, did the install and after 3 hours left. Later that night we had a family night and all sat down to watch TV only to discover the TV is now broken. I looked behind the TV and there is broken plastic from the back of the TV laying on the TV stand and there is a box that was origionally INSIDE of the TV is now... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • uverse tv

    I have had to wait a total of 5 hrs and counting to get some custumer service.. give me one good reason why i shouldnt just cancel all my services after 12 years with cell and 5 with uverse ? You guys made a mistake now im waitting for an other hour for service. Very dissapointed close to canceling it all. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Internet Service Run a Round

    I spent 3 hours trying to contact Uverse ATT today to explain my problem. I was forwarded to some company in India that tried to charge me to solve my problem. I know the solution I just need somone to do it for me. Why should I pay to make Uverse work for me? Also why was I not told there was a charge when I was transferred to this "department" in India? It is a scam and then it took me another hour trying to reach anyone to complain with no sucess at all. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • DVR not recording correctly

    Sunday night, Oct. 2, 9:00 pm E The Good Wife comes on. Except it didn't. A race in Jakarta continued into the 9:00 slot for 24 minutes. Then, The Good Wife started and continued until 10:00 pm, however we didn't get to see the entire show, only the first 36 minutes. This shows very poor planning and schduling on the part of ATT Uverse and total disregard for customers you pay for their services. They should at the very least rerun that show. I am very unhappy with ATT Uverse and not just because of this latest incident! Thank you for allowing me to post this complaint.... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Worse Experience Ever!!

    I scheduled the installation of uverse four weeks ago. Technician never even knocked at my door, and in poor English, explained that the service can not be installed. Though he disconnected my land line, he never hooked it back up. I called and had to call for the supervisor several times - simple agents do not know squat. Finally, they were trying to raise the price of my initial order, and have me wait for another two weeks. Unsatisfying, very disappointed, now I am without internet service and have to start my research again where to go for the service. Att is just outsourced their... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • product wont work

    uverse has been 'phasing out' for about two months now. They have told me on the phone, when i finally get through to a human being, at first that there was nothing that they can do, then they hung up on my 81 year old mother several times, now it wont work at all and they want to come out AGAIN to try AGAIN to fix it. Then they lied to me and told me that she never called in so 'how could they fix it". my mother wants out of the contact, we cancelled and now they want $105 from my mother just to allow us to leave! we just want to go away without wasting any more... More...
  • Poor customer service

    I start with saying I have been an AT&T customer for 10 years and I have never seen the lack of customer servic I saw when I tried to sign up for UVerse service. I signed up online around the 14th of January and was told I would receive and email confirming my Internet had been turned on that week. I did receive an email, but I told me my order had been put on hold until I called, they need more info on my account. When I called, they had not processed my order and the only thing they wanted to do was to "up sell" me. They had to cancel my original order and start a new one to... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)

    HELP - I am drowning in U-Verse Purgatory. 1) CABLE - It only allows 1 HD Stream - We were told we could watch multi HD TVs and that was a LIE. Received a NEW HD TV for Mother's DAY and I can not watch an HD channel on it if someone else is watching an HD channel in the DEN. I think we deserve a discount! No one told us we had to be within 2500 feet to have 2 HD Steaming. NOT EVEN the INSTALLER. 2) PHONE - Security SYSTEM did not work with U-Verse VOIP - IT WORKED with COMCAST VOIP. They assured us it would work when we purchased U-VERSE. And the INSTAllER did not even hook... More...
  • U-Verse customer service

    The FIRST PROBLEM: I had ordered the installation of U-Verse from AT&T along with an upgrade Internet Service from DSL to Pro. The service guy said it could not be installed because my 3-prong grounding wire was upstairs and my computer was on a different floor. Didn't understand why this was going to be a problem since there was going to be TV's wired on 3 different floors. He said he had to cancel my installation until I had my outlets near my computer grounded. Found out from friends that had U-Verse that they did not have their box connected near the computer and that the... More...
    (Cable TV)


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