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ATT U-verse Complaint - ATT Poor customer service complaint - AT&T U Verse
ATT U-verse Complaint

ATT U-verse Complaint


ATT Poor customer service complaint - AT&T U Verse

In June last year I want to update my auto pay for my Uverse/phone/internet service with a new credit card as I cancelled the old one. Come August I get alerts that my bill was not paid so again I go into the system and again try to change my auto pay to the new credit card but again this happened in October, each time they applied the outstanding amount to the new card but it still was not setup as my auto pay. In December when the same thing happened I stepped my way through and got confirmation that the new credit card was indeed setup for auto pay. On January 11, all my services were suddenly off. I called AT&T and was told my credit card was denied. I called my credit card and was told that AT&T only charged $1.01 to the card and they did not deny any charge. When I called back AT&T to resolve this matter, I was passed around to a couple of operators who wouldn’t look into the matter on their end or try to rerun my charge, instead they wanted me to provide proof from that I paid with that credit card the last six months (they have that in their records already). When I asked to speak to a manager due to lack of resolution with the phone rep, she hung up on me. So they lost me as a customer due to the lack of user friendliness of their web site in setting up auto pay and especially in the unprofessional handling from their accounts receivable department both in incorrectly charging my account and rudeness of their phone reps.

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tichinamoore says: (7 years ago)
I can't say that in all my years of dealing with Comcast that I've ever had such ridiculously poor customer service and communication.

I started receiving services with AT&T in August of this year and at the beginning, everything was perfectly fine. The sales rep informed me that I qualified for a promotion with AT&T U-verse for Internet and Direct TV for television. She made me aware that my bills would be on one combined statement and gave me a monthly price that I would be paying starting within my first billing cycle.

To my surprise, I received an e-mail notification from DIRECT TV that my bill with them was due.
I checked weekly to see if a new bill for AT&T had appeared and had yet to receive one. I was told that both my DIRECT TV and AT&T bills would be combined on the same bill only to find out that that too occurs after 2-3 billing cycles. What's with the lack of communication here? 

It is now, the end of September and to my surprise, I receive a bill for $277. This is roughly $217 more dollars than I was originally quote and confirmed for regarding my first month's bill. I look over things on-line and am informed that I was charged for a technician coming to my home and fixing a phone jack in order to establish an internet connection. Let me back track. In my initial conversation with the first AT&T sales representative that established my service, I repeatedly asked her if the internet worked the same way that Comcast's did (in that the internet connection was made available via the television (cable) connection (in this case DIRECT TV)); her response was a very vibrant "Yes." Therefore, my understanding of the matter was simply that I didn't need a phone line in order to set up my internet.

Nevertheless, a technician was sent out and I was again informed that I wouldn't be charged for a technician's visit because of the AT&T representative's not letting me know that a phone jack was necessary. AT&T sends out their first technician who says that he cannot finish the job because another type of technician has to come to verify some sort of connection. I say fine and another appointment is set up. At this point, another AT&T technician comes out and finishes the installation. These two technicians result in a $75 fee that I was told I wouldn't have to pay (got waived after 2 hours of waiting, having the call be "dropped" and having an agent go back and forth between myself and her supervisor).

Moreover, I am now still sitting with a bill of $202 which encompasses two months of service (which should be $20/month but are actually $45/month for the first few billing cycles until I am later credited at some unknown time), an internet activation fee and a modem fee of $75 (which I was never ever informed of). I am grateful that the technician fee was waived, but I was then informed that although the customer service agent was sorry for my never being told about the modem fee, it had to remain on my account because it was for equipment.

I would have no problem paying these egregious fees had I (1) been informed of them and (2) not been treated as though I was some darn criminal for investigating these random charges on my account. To be told by the initial sales rep that I would be paying a first month's combined bill of no more than $60 and then to be asked to pay nearly three and half times that amount is absolutely ridiculous. I could have stayed with Comcast if I was going to continue going through this madness; at least they tell you the hellacious costs you will incur upfront.

Coqui01 says: (8 years ago)
I thought I was the only one having this nightmare with AT&T U-verse. I should have read the blog sites prior to trying out their service. I take the service word back. AT&T U-verse has no customer service. I've been with AT&T forever that's not going to be the case much longer. Do not get U-verse they do not know what they are doing. Document everything!!! My personal experience has been terrible. Three months later I'm still trying to get paperwork processed correctly. All I get is promises. Okay enough venting!!! It felt good though. Now to go into my Zen mode. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! All of you a better day.

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