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ATT U-verse Feedback - Customer service is clearly deficient
ATT U-verse Feedback

ATT U-verse Feedback


Customer service is clearly deficient

I contacted AT&T U-verse at the beginning of January, 2015; the sales person on the line was extremely polite. However, she was deceptive, as she never told me that the telephone package of $20.00/month with two hundred minutes of calls per month, only applied to calls made to other U-verse subscribers. Hence, if someone called a non-U-verse number, they were charged 7 cents per minute, per call. I found out about the latter, when I received my first bill. In addition, my first U-verse bill was confusing, as it was not written in a consumer friendly manner. However, what was worse than the confusing bill, was the testy AT&T billing representative, who seemed resentful that she had to explain the bill to me. Also, there were a number of "extra" charges on the bill (various taxes), which were not mentioned by the original sales lady. Those taxes amounted to about $20.00 per month. In addition, I explained to the sales lady that the online site promised a $200.00 rewards credit, and not $100.00, which another representative quoted. The sales lady assured me that it was $200.00. However, she was again deceptive, as a notification which I received with the order mentioned $100.00. I had to contest that matter with AT&T. In addition, I was excessively billed for finaly AT&T DSL service, in the amount of about $30.00. I refused to pay the final bill, until AT&T sent me an adjusted bill. I was not going to pay that bill (as suggested by one of their representatives, and wait for a refund). I made no less than TEN calls in an effort to straighten that matter out. My calls were bounced all over the world from the USA to Mexico, the Philippines and India. In India, (the telephone connection in both the Philippines and India was terrible, as it was not clear; there, the AT&T representative was worse than deceptive. He engaged in outright lying, by upgrading me for additional services which I didn't want, and then telling me that I wouldn't be charged. In the meantime, he never straightened out the DSL bill,which I complained about. Fortunately, I contacted another representative in the USA, who rescended the upgrade, without any additional charges. Finally, I wrote a letter to AT&T's billing department; it took several weeks for them to get back to me, by stating that an adjusted bill would be sent. Another representative told me "not to worry". In the meantime, the AT&T Credit and Collections Dept., sent me a threatening letter that they were going to turn my account over to a collection agency! Mind you, I've been a customer of AT&T for forty three years, and have paid over 500 bills on time. This was one time that I was going to stand my ground, since AT&T was clearly wrong, and was just too incompetent to correct a billing error. I paid a portion of the bill which I was not contesting, and AT&T finally sent a small refund, five weeks after I initially complained. In addition, I complained to their President's office, and Vice-President's office in St. Louis and San Diego. However, those representatives were useless, as they never followed-up with me, and it was impossible to recontact them. The above was only half of the story, as that half concerned itself with advertising and billing issues. The other half concerned technical problems, which I experienced for five weeks. Evidently, the original technician installed a defective DVR. As a result, the pictures on the TV screen began intermittently freezing. I complained several times to the original technician. At first, his excuse was that "this was normal" because of live streaming". Finally, he promised to come out and replace the Gateway/Modem. However, he never came back to take care of that matter. Also, when he initially installed the system, he did not reprogram my wireless printers, which went offline, because of the U-Verse installation. I went online and complained to AT&T, who dispatched another technician. At first, he thought the problem was caused by a loose wire in back of the DVR. However, that didn't help. Then, he replaced the Gateway/Modem, which also didn't help. When the latter was replaced, it knocked out the Internet to one of my computers, and I had to call someone to fix that problem. Also, the second technician thought that the tv freezing was because of the type of inside wiring, which he felt that the first technician should not have used. In any event, I called another AT&T number, and a third technician, was sent. He correctly diagnosed the problem, as a faulty DVR, which he promptly replaced. I've not had a problem with the tv screen freezing, since the DVR was replaced. I did lose the tv signal, internet, and telephone dial tone, on four separate occasions. However, the third technician told me to unplug the Gateway/Modem for up to ten seconds, and plug it back in. The latter procedure restores the tv signal, internet, and dial tone. Speaking of the telephone, I did have a problem of "ghost rings", whereby my own telephone number would occasionally ring whenever I hung the receiver up. I was told that AT&T was aware of that problem, and are working to resolve it. I don't have any complaints with AT&T U-Verse per se, as the programming is much better than I was able to receive with either Insight, Dish, or Direct TV. My internet speed is faster, and the telephone has more custom calling features, than I previously enjoyed. However, for the first five weeks that I had this service, AT&T put me through a lot of mental stress, in trying to resolve technical and billing issues. They don't seem to have enough highly trained customer service problems to resolve simple problems. They bounce you from one person to another, and can't seem to connect the dots. Incidentally, I finally received my $200.00 in rewards; however, it was like trying to climb Niagara Falls, pertaining to resolving that issue, the DSL bill issue, and the technical service issues with U-Verse. In any event, I've spoken my peace!

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